Guide: How to setup power cycle for an electric vehicle

The contents of this guide have been moved to our documentation website here.

This thread will remain open for discussion.


Thanks for adding this functionality and also adding this guide. This solves the problem I was having and struggling to solve with custom code. Basically, to create a “ping” event for a known PID value and start/stop trips based on the response.

Since adding the trigger to the PID, trip logging is way more reliable than trying to use voltage, or GPS movement to trigger it.

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thanks for this, just what I needed. A quick question

The instructions state

Important: The PID must be named ‘RPM’ or else the rpm_motor_event trigger will skip checking the value.

In the community library I am using the PID is named RPMx. Is that a problem ? I cannot rename it.


I actually have the same issue: the system doesn’t allow to rename “RPM” a library signal, thus the name of the logger cannot be RPM.

Is there a special way to rename it? Can we use rpm_engine_event instead, without renaming, even if we’re using an electric vehicle?

Update01: using a different name doesn’t work, as mentioned above. I’m waiting for somebody’s feedback how to rename the signal to RPM.


Hi @Chris_Neave and @therussian,

We’ve just pushed a hotfix for the Cloud, so it should be possible to rename them now in our local library.

Let me know if it works.


Hi Peter,

the cloud modification actually works now, I’m able to rename the signal to RPM: I still need to check if the event logger is coherent with the movement of the vehicle.

Update01: it works like a charm, motor events are updated and work consistently.
Tomorrow I’m testing trip trigger w/ motor event rather than power event (in that way I can separate driving sessions from charging sessions).

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Peter, great many thanks - will test it in a couple of hours. Hope it “Just works”

Apologies for the delay, Ionic and I live in different cities.

It just worked - thanks

Is there any mechanism to edit the main post to add the clarification (edit the PID NAME) For future users ?

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Hi Chris,

The original PID was created by another user, who “owns” the right to change the PID. The best solution is to add your new PID to the community library also.


@Peter - thanks, I will do that once I get my head around that - Is there any review mechanism around adding PIDs ?

Hi @Chris_Neave,

At the moment there is no review mechanism, which is also why we recommend that you use the PID’s in the library only after testing them.


Does anyone have an idea on why I might not be seeing vehicle/communication/disconnected events anymore?

I verified that the logger still has “communication_event” as the trigger, and that the command itself returns “ERROR: No data received from vehicle within timeout” when the car is off.

I’m still getting “vehicle/communication/established” as expected but it doesn’t seem to be logging a disconnected event when the logger is no longer active. Just be sure I removed the trigger from one logger and set it up on another, rebooted and re-synced, but still seems the same. It seems to have started around 2/8.

Edit: Issue above seems to have been resolved by reloading AutoPi core and re-syncing.

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Hey everyone,
thanks for the nice guide. It worked very well for my Ioniq EV but now that I want to use it with my e-Niro as well, I can’t. System says I can’t have 2 “RPM” PIDs but if I delete the one that I made and am currently sharing with the public, that would get changed or deleted. Is there a workaround for this?
PIDs are not the same, if that helps?