Github repository for tools

FYI, I’ve created a github repository at for the tools and custom code I’ve been tinkering with.

I’m more than happy to add anyone here as collaborators ( I just need your github user name ).


That is amazing. I didnt know about the live feed you could do to ABRP, that is really neat.
Unfortunately I am not a coder, so I cant help out with that bit, but I am more than happy to test your code on my e-Niro and come up with suggestions and improvements.

Very thank’s, I can’t help you, so, many thank’s …:grinning::grinning::grinning:
anyway my AutoPi is down from 1 week now…
but still happy to test later !!


Please add my GitHub user bright-wind. Thanks! Tom


( and since responses need to be 20 characters, I had to add this )

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Peter, very happy to contribute. I will be working extensively with the Ionic BEV 2019 and will be adding scripts

My github username is chrisn-au


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