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I received the 4G model and trying to follow the guide but mine does not have any branding. How can I tell it supports Verizon? It also does not have a SIM. Do I need to order a SIM directly through Verizon first?

Your environment

I thought I ordered the 3rd edition but the packaging statement does not indicate and the dongle does not either.

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Just need guidance on getting started.

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If your issue is in any way related to the device shutting down or behaving in a unexpected way, please provide the output of the power.status command to help us diagnose the issue.

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in the terminal on, and paste the result here.

Do’s & dont’s

  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

I found some other posts on the community with issues trying to register the device on Verizon. I didn’t think to check that before ordering. I am now looking at my mobile carrier to see if I can register on theirs instead.

Still struggling on how to get a SIM for this device in U.S. What carriers support it and how do you get it set up with them? So far my carrier does not support it and looks like Verizon does not and I do not see anything on T-Mobile’s site that makes sense.

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