Getting odometer reading


I just got my autopi installed in my car and have been playing around with it. Do you have some documentations on how to interact with the terminal tool? How do i ream the odometer value of the car?


What car do you have ?


Hi @plord, its 2019 Hyundai Tucson. Do we have a list of codes that we can try out?


On my Hyundai Kona Electric, the autopi logger config is -

  • Mode 22
  • Code B002
  • Header 7C6
  • Bytes 64
  • Formula bytes_to_int([11:12])*16777216+bytes_to_int([12:13])*65536+bytes_to_int([13:14])*256+bytes_to_int([14:15])

Might be the same I guess.

Otherwise try googling for Torque Pro config - these can be manually converted.

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I will try this out @plord. Thank you.


Hi @plord, I’ve tried it out and it works but the final value is off. The car is currently at 623km and here is what Im getting.

Where did you get the formula?


Oh well, so we can conclude the hyundai tucson is different to the hyundai kona electric. Worth a try I guess.

I don’t have any further ideas other than google to see if anyone has discovered the torque pro settings for the tucson.

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I think i figured it out but this one gets the value in km. Im not that sure though how it will look like if the distance travelled is 10000km or more because the hex digits will be 4.

So if you convert 275 hex to dec, you’ll get 629. Which is accurate.


Welcome to the reverse-engineer-your-car club :slight_smile:

I would guess that you have 3 bytes to represent the odometer ( ie 00 02 75 ).


Right! That makes sense @plord . Well this is a good start. :slight_smile:
Next step for me is figuring out how to open/close windows and manipulating the locks. If you have any information on this please let me know.


I don’t believe anyone has figured out this for the Kona yet. Not sure about the Tucson.


Awesome, Thank you @markaves. I was looking how to get Odometer on my Ioniq, and this one was it. :slight_smile: