Getting current charge information - Hyundai Ioniq

I can’t seem to figure out how I get “online” information on how many Kwh / Amp’s my car is charging with. - Just the SOC.

And also, the reading of the FAN speed for cooling the batterypacks.

Has anyone figured that out?

If you look at Library (under Car Explorer), there are PIDs that I added.
You need: Batt_Power (negative values mean charging) and Fan_feedback (just added). I also just added Fan_status and Motor_RPM_1


Motor_RPM_1 - What does it shows?

Motor revolutioms per minute, it has 2 sensors for measuring this, it seems though.

Great! - Do you happen to know the gearing? - I need to get the car’s speed. - And the SPEED from the library don’t work. But maybe the motor_rpm with an extra formula could get me the vehicles speed…?