Geofencing options and IFTTT?

I have the autopi up and running fine. I can view trips in the dashboard. I’ve seen various pages talking about IFTTT and geofencing. I cannot find these options anywhere inside my autopi device. What am I missing? Is it not possible to get a simple geofencing alert? Is it not possible to have a simple IFTTT interface setup. Or a setup to a different trigger system? Integration seems extremely unfriendly. Geofencing seems impossible. Or am I missing some way to enable these things?

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Sorry I can’t help, but I’d be really interested in this too.

On this page it references geofence at the bottom.

Ok, so how can I use this? I see no tutorial or instructions anywhere. It mentions a geofence slug and a geofence object ID. Ok, where do I create the ID? How do I create a geofence. I can’t find this information anywhere.

Is this really not an option? Ok, state that it is not an option. Why is it listed on this page:

Why does an informational page on the autopi show a geofence tool that does not exist? What am I missing here?

Hi @phhk,

The Geofence will be part of a new release coming in a few days. Our documentation may have been updated a little too soon with references of this.


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Ok, thank you. I’m very much looking forward to the update.

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