Future request: VAG-COM / VCDS other diagnostic systems obd query codes as shared platform on autopi cloud

As many of you may know there are already some diagnostic software available to diagnose your car. But because every car / brand / model has different methods of querying and communicating on the different CAN bus systems via de OBD interface it would be nice to have a “open” database of all those different functions which all different types of cars/models have.

There could be some sort of marketplace where people who have found new codes and post them in the system get a small reward. And other users who want to use that command pay a small fee. (a little bit like obdeleven.com works, except that obdeleven has it closed source and you pay for each change and dont get the codes)
Or even just open source it completely. so that there is one large database of OBD/CAN commands for all kinds of verhicles.

For VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat there is a software with hardware cable called: VCDS. they also have a list internally into their software regarding all sorts of diagnose capabilities & changes for ex. unlock/locking behavoir. etc. etc.

if the community grows and is able to append new codes onto the database and this then could be used within autopi (cloud) that would be super nice.

I’m not sure if the hardware capabilities of the Dongle / ELM327 is capable of transmitting/sending commands like the VAG-Com / VCDS software & cable can. (or perhaps other car brands diagnostic software). (i only know VCDS because i own a VW)

What do you guys think?

Would it be possible to intercept commands which go out/in the VAG-com cable when executing commands? should be possible i think? or reverse engineer the VCDS and extract all commands.

not sure if it is legal though…

found another community post about VCDS:

Good to hear you are already thinking about this feature

Doesn’t torque allow extending via csv files ?

In otherwords, could autopi load (or convert) these csv files ?

Some samples are here https://github.com/JejuSoul/OBD-PIDs-for-HKMC-EVs/tree/master/Ioniq%20EV/extendedpids

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Hi @plord

I think you can already send the commands in the JejuSoul lib.

If you use the new obd.send command you can send “raw” data strings to the BUS, which is basically what JejuSoul is about. See this guide:

Its the last section about sending a single command. You will have to have the expect_response args set, to see the reply from the BUS.

You may also need to play around with the protocol settings for your vehicle. See if you can find the correct one online.


Hi, I would also be interested in the VAG-COM stuff as I own an Audi.