Full Blackbox recorder

-My Wish list:
One piece unit that include

  1. multiple Cam recorder, (minimum 5) front, side, rear, and inside the cockpit.
  2. gps map log
  3. Use of a tutch screen rear mirror for menu controll of the blackbox unit, and (ofcorse) rear view cam mirror
  4. Canbus data logging that record activation of: brakes, stering wheel position, use of lights, safety belt etc.

I know there is logging record for canbus, and there is cam/audio recorder out there on the marked.
but I cannot find any combined units.
there might be a possebility to connect them together as one unit ( they might be out there)

I do not need direct connection with internet or phone option, but there should be an option that i easy can copy an “insident or situation” or just a part of a interesting periode from the hard drive, to a memorycard, with posebility to choose what part to include.
( I know that the police and innsurance company presiate if they get visual proof of a incident or recles driving )

I got poor visebility in my rear view mirror, and realy need a cam mirror.
there is many dash cam mirror to choose from internet for sale. with has a lot of funktion i do not need.
-some has android system, and i do not need to many android system while i drive.
and they often have a rear camera that is poor and a better one in the front.
(My car came with a front vindow, so i do not need better mirror to see forward… it is the rearview that is the problem)

(YES Im a “grumpy old man”, and easely get irritated of things that not, is like i vant them to.)

Woul it be fun vith a cam for face reckognition of the driver?
and might a conversation of the unit?
(HAL 9000 - Wikipedia)

Hi DS5,

GPS map log and CANbus data logging is definitely something you will be able to do with the AutoPi TMU device. Furthermore, the AutoPi TMU device is essentially a black box, that is built on top of the philosophy of the raspberry pi. This means, what you’re requesting is possible, however, you would need to dive into how much the Raspberry Pi is capable of handling, and which models, and you will be able to do exactly the same on the AutoPi TMU device.

You can find other use cases to the device here: What can I build? - AutoPi.

Face recognition would most definitely be fun, but a major challenge for you to accomplish. If you’re able to do it, please let us know! Best of luck on the project.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
AutoPi.io Support
Tony Do