For Sale: Looking to sell my AutoPi Telematics Unit 4G/LTE

Selling my AutoPi Telematics Unit 4G/LTE, as I’m trying to minimize any additional electronics in my new truck.

The unit is working fine on a Google FI LTE card. Also including the Power cable for indoor testing/setup.

DM me if you’re interested.

Will ship within the US

@d2inco Not sure how to DM you, but I am interested if the price is fair.

@d2inco did u sell the unit?

Hmm, just saw I missed 238746’s response; I didn’t get an email on that one.

When I didn’t see a response, I went ahead and just bit the bullet and mounted in the new truck. Goes against my “keep the truck simple” mentality, but at this point, it’s mounted. So no, not sold, but at this point, I’ll keep it in the new truck for the time being. Thanks for the interest.

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