For Kona EV and other EV , add more type of graph to cloud


Hi at all,
As we’ve now data for my Kona and now I can show on my dashboard, I ask you if is possible use different type of graph to show battery, temperature info, ok is useful see area charts but I prefer last value indicator to show this

also a setting to show at first logging dashboard, for us with EVm, trip is useful not working


Hi. Me too
I want like evnotify

Or like my project Hyundai connect: it work soon: ->

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I think is possible but with different graph !
At now I use in this mode


It looks like some widget types are still pending and greyed out -

The Gauge will be very useful - I hope its small and so we can easily get several gauges instead of one line chart.


I see it and yes it can be useful … we hope soon ll arrives, right @Malte ?

About how manage state @plord do you have ideas ? DATA/NO DATA
(is bitwise question ?? )
(also for wake alive system )


The bitwise question was to separate “driving power” and “charging power” - currently I can only plot one “battery power” ( which goes negative when car is charging ).

Not sure what you mean about “manage state”.


I about using charging status as main indicator for Autopi wake, if I charging or I use car autopi can be on , if not can be off … use instead a RPM

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I can see how additional widgets could be very useful, so I have prioritized work on more widgets in our roadmap. I’m not sure exactly which release it will be included in, but it will most likely be in one of the next few releases.

As mentioned before, we are also working on the triggers configuration, so that the lifecycle of the device can be configured by you guys.

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Many thanks @Malte !!


@Malte many thanks too
ps: I send you log soon as possible