Flag to set logger to upload data only over WiFi and not over cellular


would it be possible to have a flag in the loggers config to limit its data to be uploaded only over WiFi? The idea is to have different granularities and priorities. Coarse and realtime-relevant over LTE/…/4G. Others like accelerations etc, that accrue a lot more data and are not relevant while monitoring the fleet, only over WiFi once one is in range of an AP it knows to connect to.

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Hi there @lweberk,

Another great suggestion, thank you very much for that. Just like in the other post, I have added this as a task in our backlog and a discussion is going to be held regarding this feature.

This one however is a bit more loaded with different tasks, so it will definitely take longer to implement. Again, I cannot fully guarantee that this feature is going to be implemented, but it definitely peaked my interest and will push for this to eventually be added to our platform.


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