Feature Request: Easy "If This Then That" implementation


Easy IFTTT style GPIO implementation that allows you to program things like, “If door is open than output power to pin 8 and hold power output for x seconds after door is shut” Currently it appears triggers like this are mainly based around external alerts. This could be built up to say “if speed is above x and there’s a voltage above 12.8 on pin 10 then output power to pin 11”


Hi Andy

You are correct in that the current triggers are on a much higher level, but the device already supports triggers on a much lower level, and we are working to build this into the system so that it can be customized and configured by the user on my.autopi.io - including doing what you request, but I expect that there will be some degree of programming required, like the triggers may allow to call custom modules, and then you will need to write the code that does the actual “set power high on pin X”, so it should still be pretty manageable.

I’m not sure exactly when it will be ready, but when it is, we will post it in the announcement section.

Best regards