Feature Request: Data Monitoring


I can’t find a way to know how much data the AutoPi is using.

A feature added somewhere in the settings that shows how much data the Autopi has used based on a day to day and month overall would be great.

As well, If the device was always online, i don’t necessarily need to have all the data from trips sent to the AutoPi servers while i’m driving over LTE. Most cases it could wait until i’m home to connect to my wifi to push the information along saving data or have the Autopi servers “ask” for the data if i sign in and the device isn’t connected to wifi.

Also, it drives me nuts that i have to connect to an external server to do things to my autopi… literally everything i do is being sent over LTE to a server somewhere, then that server sends it back over LTE for my autopi to pass along to my computer or phone - this may not be a big deal for data usage but i dont know because from what i can tell, there’s no way to view data usage on the autopi… it also adds a huge delay when trying to do things like trying to figure out commands and messages over the canbus.

Updating also seems like an iffy thing… can it be done automatically when im home and it can connect to wifi? How big are the system updates?

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Hi @AndyT ,

Great ideas. Some of it is already possible to do.

The ec2x module already reports the data usage for the current session. You can see the data usage with this command:


You can setup a Job to run the command at certain intervals and the return the value to the "cloud". Then you should be able to create a custom widget in your dashboard, containing the values returned.

As of now there is no way to limit data over LTE, if the connection is there, then the device will use it. But if you dont want to use the LTE connection, then just remove the SIM card.

I can see why its irritating to run all commands remotely, but you don’t have to. All commands send from the cloud and the cloud terminal is essentially local commands run on the device, but simply returned and parsed to the cloud for a simpler user experience. Any command can be run from the local terminal also, where you bypass our servers. You can even SSH into the device and run any terminal command directly from the SSH prompt. You can do that by adding the autopi command in front, like:

autopi power.status

You can setup automatic updates. This is possible from the advanced settings (settings->dongles->advanced->release->auto update). This will automatically install new updates when they are available. ¨