Fast Battery Drain Toyota C-HR HYBRID

I just installed Autopi in my Toyota C-HR Hybrid v2017 car (Petrol and EV) and I noticed a fast discharge of the battery. On the first night, critical battery turning off Autopi. The next day, I had to modify the Sleep Timer parameters so that it turns on once every 12 or 24 hours and lower the idle time and engine shutdown to 10 minutes. Still, I see a fast discharge of the battery. It is normal? The detected OBD is: Auto Detected [DEFAULT] [6] ISO 15765-4 (CAN 11/500) and several Widgets in the Dashboard do not work, Average Speed, Speed, Fuel Level, and Fuel Rate. Is there something I’m doing wrong?
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Hi Daniel

It sounds like you have done everything correctly.
There are multiple safeguards to ensure that the device does not drain your battery.
The critical-voltage event you saw is a high-level voltage check, that makes the device go to sleep if the voltage goes below 12.3 for too long - I believe that 12.3 volts is around 70% capacity.

This usually happens when one or more of the following conditions applies

  • A lower than expected capacity (bad) battery (even new batteries can have lower capacity than expected).
  • Colder temperatures.
  • Few and short trips where there is not enough time for the battery to be fully charged.

Regarding the dashboard, we have an update coming out in the next few weeks, that should fix some of the dashboard issues, and also improve the trips generation.

Best regards

My car has two batteries, one of high voltage battery, for the hybrid system, which is responsible among other things to start the combustion engine and AC, and another small battery of 12V, which is only used for the system lighting, audio, and electronics of 12V, characteristics are 20HR, 45Ah, CCA: 360A. Other users of this car have reported same voltages around 12.2V, 12.35V, 12,40V… in normal state of use …
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Can I safely change the critical battery level to 12.2V and safety cut to 12.1V?Small%20Battery%2012V

Hi Daniel,

Okay, yes that is a bit smaller than the usual car battery (60Ah) afaik.

The current critical voltage levels is set based on our own knowledge, and advice from car professionals.
Know that those settings are some of the more critical ones, as it can affect the health of the battery.
With that said - the current default levels also include a buffer, so changing both values down by 0.1v each is not likely to cause any issues.

And when you combine it with the increased interval between device wake up, you should be safe.

Right now the same default values are used for all devices, but it would be weird if slightly customised settings would not be a better fit for some cars.
So if you decide to tune it a little, we’d love to hear about the results.

Best regards