Extracting location data from storage/read


I am extracting data using storage/read using the following url

msg.url = “https://api.autopi.io/logbook/storage/read/?from_utc=”+

This works perfectly for fields like obd.power_of_charge.value but am struggling to get it right for track.pos. My understanding is that I should use @field=track.pos.loc and @field_type=position but that returns a HTTP 500. Other combinations do return a http 200 but value null.

Any help greatly appreciated

For the record having @interval rather than &interval leads to some very erratic results :slight_smile: Please ignore

Any now for the real question

The primitive queries return nicely time aligned data, however the location data appears to be returned in raw format. Do I need to change the aggregation option or is this not possible with location data.


Where do you put in the authentification credentials?

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