Extending the OBD port

I have an Hyundai Ioniq Electric.
And although I have not yet gotten the dongle to do anything useful. (I am in contact with support at the moment) I’m thinking about placement.
It was not possible to have it connected even with the adapter cable, since the cover for the OBD port is to close to the port.
For now I solved it by simply detaching the ODBport and having it loose, but I don’t really like that solution.
So I was thinking about splicing the cables and make an extra connector in a more convenient location, also to enable the AutoPi to have a good visibility to the Sky for the GPS connection…
But then I was thinking are there any limits to the length of the OBD connector, and what would happen if AutoPi is connected and someone plugs another tool into the old OBD port?

Hi @Eldaria

Yes positioning of the device is not always simple. Some make/models have some tricky ways of giving access to the OBD port, meaning that there isn’t a solution fitting all. The idea is/was that you could use the extention cable and become creative.

Its actually possible to the get OBD cables in much longer lengths, than the one provided by us. I think they are pretty common.

And you can also get a Y-splitter OBD cable, if you want to allow multiple devices on the bus.


I am still waiting for my AutoPi .
But will also have it on a Hyundai Ioniq electric
So can´t a get some information like charge status , voltage on cells etc .
Then i think i must cancel order to

@jorgeli Out of the box, no it did not work, but the support is very responsive, and the software is being updated, and from what I figured out we are quite a few people who have this car and have ordered or are thinking of ordering the AutoPi, so that alone is probably a good insentive for the Team to implement this. And since someone has figured out how to get this information out using the Android app Tourqe, it is most likely very close to also be able to read this information with the AutoPi. So in my opinion don’t cancel your order.

Hi @jorgeli and @Eldaria

As you could have guessed I agree with @Eldaria, that there is no reason to cancel you order.

We are currently working on a better implementation for the Ioniq, using socketcan for reading messages.

We have talked about that in this thread:

Should you have further concerns about this, then you are always welcome to send us a message on support@autopi.io.

Ok thats sounds good . I now other has tried with raspberry pi and ev notify and figure it out to work , So hope hope fore solution on AutoPi

I get my Autopi today :grinning:
It was very crowded to install even with the extern cable.
But after get the OBD port loose in the car i could install it .

But the only information i get is Battery status from dongle status .
So hope for a resolution soon :thinking:

Regard Jörgen

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Looks a bit like I did also, although I squished mine up and it is wedged behind the buttons above (Where the annying Noise button is located)

I will at some point try and get a spliter cable and reattach the original port.

But indeed also the latest release have not added any functionality for Ioniq owners.

I could see that to after upgrade:thinking:
Hope it come soon , because now it is no use to have it at all

Also I think for the Ioniq we need different settings for detecting battery level. From looking at the stats, it seems the Ioniq maintins the 12V battery even when turned off.

Looks like a perfect fit to me :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I just want to reassure you that we are still working on this. The solution is somewhat more cumbersome than expected, but progress is being made.

When we have more news, I’ll send you a reply on this thread.


Looking forward for that :grinning:
I see in other forums from Ioniq owners .
That they will get a Autopi as soon they seen a good solution for Hyundai Ioniq:fu::fu:

Hi Peter

If you need a Ioniq here in DK to speed up progress, please let me know.
Otherwise you could join this group on fb, I am sure you can very easily find an Ioniq owner nearby that is willing to help :slightly_smiling_face:



Hello everyone,

I wanted to add myself to this thread as I just received my Autopi dongle today.

Have not messed about with it much, and hope to look into it in more detail this weekend.

Looking forward to upcoming updates.


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Hi Jorgell and others.
Clever idea taking out the OBD port. I have been looking at my Ioniq Electric, and was wondering if I could 3D print a new fusebox cover with a slot at the bottom to let the dongle/AutoPi protrude out. I don’t want to cut a hole in the existing one - future owners might not appreciate :wink: I owned 2 Nissan Leafs before the Ioniq, and at one time I had a 2-way splitter cable to use a Bluetooth OBD dongle and a GPS tracker, but the cheap splitter broke wires and almost caused car problems. What is the quality of the extender cable AutoPi can supply? I have been a supporter of the RaspberryPi right from it’s first availability, so I am quite excited by the AutoPi - having only just discovered it. I’m watching to see what specialist software comes for the Ioniq BEV before I invest. It maybe that I only need the DIY and HAT to use with one of my many RPis. Still studying the site.

Hi Tony
I think the extender cable is in good quality ,
So no worry there :slight_smile:
I am to excited what the autopi can do with my Ioniq BEV,
Wating for a update software ,

Is it some progress for Hyundai Ioniq electric information in AutoPi?.

Hi @jorgeli

Progress is still ongoing, but it wont be long now. Did you know that you can follow the progess here:

Here you can see the latest commits for the OBD interface. Its even possible to add to the development, should you want to.