Exporting Data (Specifically GPS e.g. GPX file)


Hi guys, I’m currently trying to export the data from my Autopi to process for my university dissertation but am struggling to export data (and use API stuff).
Could anyone help me?
I just want to save the logs of fuel usage, location data and altitude from trips.

Much appreciated!


Where and how would you like to save the data? @Remy_Tsuihiji is working on sending data over to a MySQL databse if I remember correctly.

I’m pulling data to Node-Red and showing it in my Home Assistant. There are ways to get data out :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying!

I just want to save the data locally on my pc, however that may be possible (as simply as possible) I would like to explore.
If you could help me through a simple method, I’ll be eternally grateful!


I use postman, but we should do it manually.
but config is saved, so it is easy
tell me if you want to try


Yes please!
I can install postman if that’ll be wise to do so.


ok, I make new post about postman now, it will be useful for other too
wait 5 minute, I do now

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I make topic there


Hi Remy,

Thank you again for helping me out… At the moment I’m getting an output for obd.speed.value but what I really want is to get tracking.status from the Autopi. I don’t suppose you would know how to do this?


Hi @Joshua_Willson,

What you need to do is change the field type, you are querying for. The field type is dynamic and is based on the data you have logges. This is because you can define your own custom loggers with custom field types.

You can use this endpoint to check what field types you have to query for: