Existing sensors

Hi everybody,

I currently own a MTCD head unit and I feel not free to configure it like I wanted.
I’d like to buy a autopi module to be used as a dashboard and head unit.
I have the following questions:
Will my existing parking sensors be supported by autopi? On your presentation video you are indicating that we need to install USB sensors that’s why I am afraid.

I believe, all the wheel button and dashboards will be supported as long as they trigger can events, is it correct?

Finally, if the raspberry is connected to an amplifier and a usb FM dongle, is it possible to listen to the radio or play music?

Thank you for your help

Hi @Olivier,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum.

So, the AutoPi doesn’t come with a screen included. This is something you must buy on your own. The AutoPi doesn’t have a “local” dashboard when you connect a screen to the device. You will have to rely on the dashboard you get from the Cloud service.

I’m not sure if it will be able to access your existing parking sensor. It depends a lot on it being available on the CAN bus of your vehicle. The same goes for the wheel button and the dashboard.

Regarding the FM player. It’s possible to insert the USB FM dongle in the AutoPi, but it doesn’t have any sound output channels. It only has an internal speaker meant for alerts and notifications, not really for playing music. It may be possible to do something with the Bluetooth channel and connect it to a Bluetooth radio, but again, this is something that depends on your setup.

Best of luck with the project.

Kind regards,

Thank you very much for your answer.
My sensors and buttons indeed go through the CAN bus so it seems there will be no problem on this side.
For the screen I understood you had to add it, this is no problem. I was thinking of using a tablet connected in VNC to the raspi.

Where I am a bit surprised is when you say that there is no local dashboard…
So both the autopi dongle AND the screen/or tablet needs to be connected to the internet to access the cloud?
is there a plan to have something local?
What happens if you drive somewhere with no internet access?
How much data does it takes per months?

thank you

Hi Olivier,

As of now this is the setup you have to use. The AutoPi dongle have to be connected to the internet to upload data to our Cloud. The tablet can be connect to the WiFi hotspot on the AutoPi and doesn’t needs it own connection.

If you drive in an area with no internet access, the device will buffer up data in the local storage and then send the data to the cloud once connection is up again.

Usually the AutoPi uses less that 50 mb/month if you dont use the WiFi hotspot for surfing or similar.


Hi @Peter,

Does it mean, if I rely totally on Autopi for my parking sensor and other info, if I am let’s say parking underground at floor -4 without internet. My dashboard won’t be able to display the parking sensor info?
This is the only “no go point” for me to start building my system around autopi.
Thank you

Hi Olivier,

Currently showing data in our Cloud is dependent on a connection to the internet, either through WiFi or 4G/LTE. The device does have a local GUI, but currently its only used for configuring and setting up your device.

One of the advantages of the AutoPi is that the AutoPi Core (the OS running on the deivce) is open source. This means that you can customize and build what ever you want.

So if you want to connect an external screen, interface your parking sensor and access that data, you can do that on your own. The general idea about the AutoPi is to provide a platform for you to build your own ideas on. We provide an environment where its easy to get started, because you get a lot of help from all the things we already buiild. Some things will be easier or is already implemented, but some things will require you to do more work on your own. But there isn’t much that isn’t possible with the AutoPi. Your project is also possible, but will require you to do some manual work.


Thank you for your reply!