Events triggered when vehicle is stationary

Hi. My vehicle was stationary for past few hours, and yet im constantly receiving events that the battery is charging and vehicle is standstill.
What should i adjust in my set up to prevent this from happening?
Is there a way of setting up a Trigger which triggers on change of vehicle or engine state but only if the previous state was not “unknown”?
And on a different subject, what battery voltage triggers “Battery overcharging” trigger? I couldnt find this in settings.

Just wanted to refresh the subject in case someone missed it earlier. This is really annoying, basically monitoring (notifications) engine state and battery levels was the main reason why i bought AutoPi, and yet im getting charging, discharging, overcharging, no charging notifications every couple of minutes no matter if driving, vehicle stationary with engine running or even when parked for good few minutes after switching the engine off.

All the settings in Advanced -> Power are on default.