ELM327 support via WiFi

ELM 327 doesn’t connect

I’m curious if anyone has had success in connecting the AutoPi to an OBD Scanner like Torque Pro using the instructions here. I’ve given it an hour of trying different combinations of things with Torque Pro on the AutoPi wifi hotspot (set both the local.autopi.io, and IP address, power cycled both phone and dongle, cycled wifi, etc) with no success.

Your environment

  • 2020.10.05

Steps to reproduce

Follow the steps in the linked setup instructions.

Expected behaviour

OBD Reader app should connect and start scanning PIDs.

Actual behaviour

Torque Pro fails to connect.

Hi @Felger ,

I’m sorry to hear the guide is bugging you.

Can you send a message to support@autopi.io with the issues you are seeing? Then they will have a look at it first thing monday.


Turns out it was due to a VPN on my phone which was making it so my phone was technically on a different network from the AutoPi. Turning off the VPN allowed Torque Pro to connect!

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