Electric car features


I’ve not got my autopi yet, nor do I have my electric car ! Still, here are some thoughts of EV features :

  • Support a selection of electric car’s ( of course ! )
  • Support displaying State of Charge (SOC) - battery percentage full
  • Support displaying State of Health (SOH) - percentage of the original battery max capacity
    • Especially over time (years) as the car ages
  • Detect charging
    • Include on map
    • Keep track of failed charges
    • Alert when charging is finished
  • Calculate cost of charging
    • Based on KW’s charged
    • Find cost per KW from location, maybe query on-line database for costs ( eg https://openchargemap.org/site/poi/details/106888 )
    • If at home location, take into account home electricity costs, economy 7 etc
    • Compare with petrol prices ( for gloat value in the pub :wink: )
  • Calculate CO2 saved
  • Work out steady speed vs range ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=661240720912172&set=gm.256257988327108&type=3&theater ) - include other factors such as temerature
  • Turn on pre-heating (on cold days)
  • WiFi hotspot support for Hyundai Kona ( to support Tom Tom )
So, where are we?

Hi Peter

Thank you for your suggestions! :smile: - We use each and every one in various ways when we discuss new features!

What we are working on with the dashboard, is to make it configurable so that practically any data that is sent to the server, can be visualized in a widget, in various ways.
That will make some of the suggestions possible, but some of the other suggestions needs some kind of state to function.

We are also working on the ability to retrieve CAN traffic, which will allow you guys to figure out the different commands to retrieve various battery related data from your EVs, which can then be used to make the platform much more intelligent regarding what information to show, and how to show it.
Like triggering charging events from the device, and then displaying those on the map.

It would be cool to utilize data from openchargemap in various ways, like if the car has been charging, it could look up the station, and then display the price along with a charge icon on the trip map, and of course sum the prices together to have historical data about how much was spent.
That could also be used for regular cars.

I have a few questions about some of the suggestions.

  • What constitutes a failed charge? One that did not complete?
  • Can you elaborate on the last suggestion? (WiFi hotspot support for Hyundai Kona)

But of course, the first steps for us with regard to EVs, is to make it compatible with the trip logic, but we hope to have an update ready before long. On EV’s the RPM OBDII value is not returned, so we need another way to figure out if the vehicle is in drive mode, or a combination of different ways, to make it as robust and stable as possible.


Many thanks for the response. Still looking forward to getting my Auto pi and my electric car !

What constitutes a failed charge? One that did not complete?

Yes. I’m hoping there is some error message available from the ODB port that gives some useful info ( eg “Charging terminated due to overheating” ). Its a bit of a hot topic ( see https://twitter.com/ElecHighway/status/1037719578141442050 ) but it will be useful to track failed chargers ( thinking showing them in red on the map or a auto status post to openchargemap ).

Can you elaborate on the last suggestion? (WiFi hotspot support for Hyundai Kona)

Technically, a bit of a non-issue really since this should just work, but the Kona electric has built-in Tom-Tom sat nav and it needs WiFi to retrieve the real-time status of chargers. See https://www.speakev.com/threads/its-arrived.127132/page-2#post-2361058

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Ah yes okay that makes sense.
Yeah, it will be interesting to see what information we can retrieve form the car when its charging or has been charged - And auto posting the result to openchargemap would be very cool, and very doable.

Ah okay - The autopi dongle already has a hotspot, so it should be as easy as configuring the SSID and password in the sat-nav :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for taking the time to send us your ideas!

Best regards

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I bought Hyundai Kona, I will have it soon
I Bought autopi too
i want to do same thing as you…
so I am very interesting about how you can do it…


I’ll share what I do here, of course, but my Kona isn’t due until Jan 17th :frowning:

The good news is that other EV owners are tinkering already.

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ok, thank’s you ;)…
you think it is possible ? you can do it ?
we are 4 people in France who bought Kona, but we don’t know how to do it yet.
my Kona will come in February :wink:
my autopi still in the post office, I get it soon

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I’ll soon receive my Kia e-Niro and I will place an order for an Autopi as soon as I can see State of Charge and other EV related stuff from a distance. :slight_smile:


Turn on pre-heating (on cold days)

Anyone that has managed to record the commands flowing on the CAN bus when turning heater on/off? I don’t get any packages at all when recording.

Anyone who dared sending a command to a Kona/eNiro? I have tried on my old cars but it feels a bit scary to send commands to a brand new car :slight_smile:


Not me … but let us know when you’ve got it working :wink: