Dongle will not sync to cloud. I have tried everything from reflashing and different wifi networks

Subject of the issue

Error 500, and dongle will not connect to the cloud

Your environment

Autopi Telematics Unit. Connection appears online when connected local but won’t show in cloud

Steps to reproduce

Dongle will not show as connected in cloud, but seems to work locally. Tried Wifi and 4g. I tried reflashing the SD card, still no go. Get error 500 on “EXECUTE” command.

What is wrong with it??? I am just about to bin the unit

Expected behaviour

Dongle will show green on cloud

Actual behaviour

Dongle shows as red

Output of power.status command


  • Do not write your unit-id anywhere.

Managed to fix the problem, turns out it was a hibernation mode issue. To make sure it is not hibernating, send a text message to the SIM card that is in the AutoPi.

Contacted support, and updated them on the issue.

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