Dongle restart during the journey

During the longer journey (>1,5h) i noticed that my dongle restarted. It happened 2 times already. I noticed that by that start “piep” of the dongle. On the Dashboard, it can be also seen - the journey stops somewhere in the middle of highway, and continues 5km further after some time (boot up time).

As i updated on 25.10.2018, it was the latest version prior to this release

Steps to reproduce

drive over 1.2 hours?

Expected behaviour

dongle shouldn’t restart

Actual behaviour

since than didnt drive long journeys, will see if that happens again


Have you updated to the most recent version? - It was released a couple of days ago.
We fixed an issue related to the sleep interval, that caused a incorrect sleep timer to be created.
That could very well be the issue that you have seen.

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