Dongle not working anymore

Subject of the issue

Dongle not working anymore

Your environment

On Software Update page is showing current version: _2018.01.01

Steps to reproduce

Expected behaviour

Dongle should send data to Cloud and should provide Wifi (“Autopi-unitID”).

Actual behaviour

Since December until now there was no data sent from the dongle to the autopi-cloud. No autopi-wifi SSID is available.

Output of power.status command

Can’t send commands because can’t reach dongle.

After some research I found out that the dongle is starting but is not working well. After the boot there was always a “beep” from the dongle - now it isn’t anymore. A wifi hotspot is shown, when the dongle starts but the SSID is “WIVU-FC27A211DD34”.

I think something is working very wrong. Who can help me?

Hi Peter

The sound the device makes when it is initialising has been disabled in a recent update, this was done because the audio would not play until everything was initialized, a while after it had actually begun logging data etc. so it was a bit misleading as it gave the impression that the boot time was much much longer than it effectively is. We are evaluating whether to add back the sound and or add other ways to make it easier to know what is happening on the device.

Regarding the SSID, it’s possible to change it from the advanced settings, but it doesn’t sound like you have done so. And after a quick googleing it seems that WIVU is some kind of networking device, so my first guess is that it’s not the SSID of the device.

Are you able to connect to the device from the cloud?

Can you send an email to

Best regards

Hello Malte,

thank you for your response.

Now I could verify that the device is starting up, but it ist not connecting to the cloud and I can’t even reach it local over wifi. I’ve never changed the SSID but I’m sure that the WIVU… SSID must be from the AutoPi device because it’s only up, when the device is up and is down, when the device is turned off.

I’ve already sent an email to and got a response from Peter. He explained me the option to reflash the device, what I think I’m going to do today. I’m just a little bit afraid of re-accepting the dongle in the cloud…

Kind regards, Peter

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Any update on this? My dongle also stopped working. It is not recording any trip since March, 15th. I have checked my phone connections and the SIM card sent 933KB of data on may, 7th. From may, 7th to may, 12th it only sent a about 10-20KB per day. And since then on, nothing at all. I haven’t touched it since I installed it. I can see the green LEDs through the case, but cannot see any WiFi. I have checked the SIM card and it works ok, although it. Now I am trying to run it connecting it to the power cable at home with no further success.

Hi Carlos,

Try reaching out to, they can assist you with this.


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