Dongle does not connect to iPhone WiFi hotspot


Subject of the issue

I can connect my dongle with Base SIM card
I can connect my dongle to a WiFi router

But I cannot connect to the WiFi hotspot of my iPhone

Your environment

  • Safari
  • What version? Latest on iOS 12.1

Steps to reproduce

1 with An iPhone (x) enable the hotspot in Settings-> Personal Hotspot
2 write the password and disable the personal hotspot on iPhone
3 connect the iPhone WiFi to the dongle hotspot and go local
4 in the dongle WiFi settings scan the ssid
5 select the iPhone name and click add
6 in the dongle WiFi connection settings fill the password noted on step 2 and save
7 on iPhone enable the personal hotspot again
8 with the iPhone or another device go to the cloud and check the connection status

Should be connected but it is not connected

Expected behaviour

Tgevdongle should connect to internet through the iPhone personal hotspot

Actual behaviour

Dongle is not connected to the cloud

Thanks for your support :wink:


Does your iPhone name have an apostrophe in it (as is the default)? I have had issues with Windows 10 in the past when there are special characters in the SSID and this article indicates that this may be a problem with Linux on a Raspberry Pi too.

For the record, my AutoPi works through an iPhone 8 plus when using personal hotspot.


It was but then I changed it and rebooted the iPhone but that made no difference.
Thanks for your help :wink: