Dongle/Cloud and back-end interface


We want to setup our own back-end which can communicate with the AutoPi dongle. The back-end will in terms interface with a front-end e.g., homepage/App. The bandwidth doesn’t need to be high, sending data every ~minute is enough e.g., position, engine running flag.

What would be an easy setup for this? Some own thoughts

  • AutoPi Dongle => AutoPi Cloud => (AutoPi HTTP API) => Own back-end
  • AutoPi Dongle => AutoPi Cloud => (Webhooks) => Own back-end
  • AutoPi Dongle => (4G on pi) => Own back-end

Is there an easier way forward? Some further questions

  1. Are webhooks and AutoPi HTTP API using the same protocol?
  2. Is it simple to access and use the 4G HW and SW library on the AutoPi?
  3. Is it possible to access obd/can data “directly” via the API using busses > read? Or should the communication firstly be setup on the AutoPi e.g. for reading engine rpm?

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Hi @oscaroscarson

If you want the absolute easiest way, with least setup for you, I’d go with solution 1. Simply integrate with our cloud. When doing so, you will get all the advantages of our cloud, like trips calculating and data collection. You can just get the data you want.

From next week we are going to release all the settings, so that you can confgure the device to send the data directly to your servers. But you will have to do all the calculation on your own.

About your questions:

  1. Yes they are both https
  2. Absolutely. The software is open source and you can get it right here:
  3. Theoretically this can be done remotely. But it would require you to send a lot of requests to the device. A much better solution is to simply let the device collect the data and then just query the data you want.


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