Documentation on fields returned by tracking_manager service

I’m new to AutoPi and am writing my first bit of custom code to upload positional data to my server, using this guide as a starting point: Custom Code: Redirect logged data and store it in a file (or anywhere)

I was able to successfully save the positional data to a file and am now halfway into uploading it to my server. I’ve added my returner to the “poll_logger” worker so it’ll log the data to the cloud and also my server. I haven’t been able to find in the docs what the various data fields represent though, that are passed (from gnss_query, I think) to my returner:

{'utc': '16:32:23', '_type': 'pos', 'cog': 0.0, 'sog': 0.0, 'loc': {'lat': 40.51919, 'lon': -111.50112}, 'alt': 1829.9, '_stamp': '2020-09-26T16:32:23.729555', 'nsat': 9}

I guess I’m generally confused by the documentation and how I’d even find an answer to such a question in the first place. Can anyone provide some orientation to point me in the right direction?

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