DIY 4G edition with RPI3


Hi, I am thinking about buying the DIY Bundle and some extras.
I already own an RPI3 and I do not have any real use for it at the moment, so it would not make much sense for me to go for the 4G Bundle.
Basically what I want to achieve is pretty much exactly the 4G version but with my RPI3. So I should probably buy the DIY version, the RPI3 Adapter and an LTE Module. I’d probably also use the case by Regi54 and an OBD extender cable wouldn’t hurt either.

My real question now is: what exactly and what else do I need. Like which LTE module (I am from Germany.), which extra parts, do I lose any functionality and if so, how may I restore it?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Hi Colin

Well I think you have everything covered, you need the RPI, a modem and antennas (it should be a PCI express LTE modem, that has qualcom chipset, like the quectel EC21, in your case the E edition for europe)

You shouldn’t lose any functionality as everything is part of the main board which is the same for 4G and the DiY.

Best regards


Hi, do you have any examples for a modem?


Hi Colin

Yes, as mentioned the Quectel EC21 LTE PCIe card should work, as should the EC25 model.
The requirements for the modem is that it is PCIe and has a qualcom chipset.

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What version modem would you recommend for US Verizon or ATT?


Hi @unr34l_dud3,

We have best experience with AT&T, but in the end it comes down to the network coverage in the area you want to use it.



Verizon has the best service in the area but I currently carry a phone with AT&T data service so I could live with it. I have yet to research what Verizon provides for shared data. I might rather switch to with my US Cellular line and drop my AT&T if I can easily share data with a modem.