Direct API access over WLAN



I ordered my AutoPi at the weekend.

I want to build an android app with functions similar to the official Dashboard. Is it possible to get the data from the Pi to my app when they are connected over WLAN without using the Online API, like an onboard API?

Greetings Markus


Hi Markus

Possible yes, but you’d have to make a few changes, as this is currently not something it does out of the box.
Do you want the exact same functionality with historical data etc, or just the realtime values?

  1. Change the storage to save the data directly on the device.
  2. Create a new api on the device (or hijack the existing) that will provide the data to your app.

Best regards
/ Malte


Hi Malte,

for the first I just want to use the realtime values. My Android App should show the values, even if there is no Internet connection (no 4G / 3G Network, no SIM card, tunnel), so I thought i can grab it directly from the AutoPi, when both device are in the same network.

But your answer sounds like: Either use data local or use the dashboard. And it is not easy for other to use my app. I thought there is possibility to have both solution side by side. The dashboard for longtime data, using at home and remote monitoring and the app for live monitoting in the car with a driect connection to the AutoPi.

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Hi Markus

Okay, yeah you can do that.
And no, it doesn’t have to be either or, you could just modify the code that received the data, to remember the current values, before passing the data on to the code that sends it to the autopi platform.
Then you will both be able to look at the data on the dashboard, trips etc, and get realtime values from the device.

By the way, we actually have this on our roadmap, being able to stream realtime values to a local dashboard, or in your case, a android application.
You can take a look at the core repository on, that could give you some hints as to how data is read, stored and transmitted.

Best regards
/ Malte

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Hi Malte,

thanks for your reply. I looked to the code, but I have to say I have no experience with saltstack or python.
Also I need a full access to my pi to see how the thing works.

I ordered with the Autopi the Power Cable and you write:

With this cable your can run your AutoPi Dongle in your home or office for initial setup, test and development.

But how I could development when I have no access to the system?

Greetings from Germany


You can connect a screen directly on The rapsberry (you need to open the autopi for that)
After it’s a simple raspberry you can do what you want,
Concerned the autopi core you can find all the command in the site.
You can try them directly in the embed terminal for