Data logging rate + CAN BUS questions


I’m Daniel and I’m new here! I own an 2002 e46 M3 with supercharged installed, and I would like to monitor all data that I can (Speed, RPM, AFR, Boost, Accelerometer values, intake air temperature etc.).

I have few questions about data logging:

  • What is the frequency of data logging? I believe there is an OBD speed limitation. Is the full long sent & available at the web dashboard? Or “just” API?
  • Would it be possible to read CAN data for more up-to-date logging results? I’d like to have my data logged each… like… 250ms? Speed/RPM/Boost/AFR. (I know that my car sends speed, rpm, and few more values via CANBUS)
  • So, as the previous question stated, can I log custom data? I would connect my AFR and Boost gauges to GPIO ports and I’d like these data to be logged online. Also, what comes to my mind, some BWM specific data, like SMG transmission gear-change mode & enganged gear.

Thanks for the answers,