Dashboard on custom server

will it be possibile to install the autopi dashboard on a custom server ?

for example i have a udoo x86 ultra in my home network, running ubuntu 18.04 , will there be an option to customize the autopi-cloud ip address inside the autopi ?


Hi @Fabio_Valentino

Unfortunately the AutoPi Cloud is not open source, so it wont be possible to install this part on your own servers.

However, we are working on a configuration setting, where you can alter the endpoint the device sends it data to. With this setting you could build your own cloud solution, should you want to.

Its also possible to use our API and create your own client on top of that.


So there are many integration possibilities.


Hi Peter,
i am a bit noob and i don’t understand how to use the APIs via the cmdline

i’ve installed coreapi-cli through pip, now how can i send commands to my autopi ?

Do you have an example for this one ? https://api.autopi.io/#obd-commands-list
I imagine i first have to login before sending commands


Hi Fabio

The easiest way is to download Postman via https://www.getpostman.com
This is a tool that will allow you to send requests using a nice UI.

You are correct regarding having to log in.

  1. You log by sending a POST request to “https://api.autopi.io/auth/login/” with a json payload, like so

    { "email": "your@email.com", "password": "your-password" }
  2. If successfully logged in, you will get a response with a token, this token should now be included in all requests. By setting a header called “Authorization”, with the value “Bearer YOUR_TOKEN”

    Authorization: Bearer YOUR_TOKEN
  3. Now you can send requests to the API.

I am working on updating the API documentation to be easier to understand, including adding a downloadable postman file that you can import in the application, and cleaning up the documentation.

Best regards
/ Malte

So what happens when you run out of money or man-hours to maintain the cloud?

The AutoPi Core is open source. Meaning that you can always alter it to point to your own servers if ours for some reason is not there anymore.


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That’s reassuring, thanks.

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Is there any documentation on how to handle this . Any details like the file or place where it has to be updated will be really helpful.