Dashboard gauges are displaying KPH instead of MPH even though everything is set to United States and English

Subject of the issue

My language is set to English and United States is my location but my gauges are all metric. I have someone traveling in the car now and I can tell you they are not doing 120MPH on the highway.

Screenshot 2020-03-16 20.30.28

Your environment

Version: 2019.12.04

Steps to reproduce

Log into dashboard while truck is in motion and the dashboard shows incorrect values.

Expected behaviour

My gauges should show the proper format based on location and language settings.

Actual behaviour

I am getting metric units in the dashboard when everything it set to North America, English, etc.

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Hi @nwestwind,

Thank you for reporting this.

What aggregation have you set on the speed widget? Can you try pressing the small dots (…) on speed widget and then show me the configuration. If you’ve set it to “sum”, this might be the reason why.


I have it at:
Screenshot 2020-03-18 08.37.19

I do not have it on any sum, average, min or max. I don’t think any of the gauges are in imperial.

Screenshot 2020-03-18 08.38.57

Hi @nwestwind.

It seems like there is a convertion error on the Gauges. Thank you for report this.

If you use line graph instead, it will be shown in MPH.

We’ll fix this and include it in the next release.


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If I do the line chart is that live data and current speed and not some average or sum? I like the real time monitoring, so I would prefer not to have sums or average, etc.

I’ll try the line chart but it won’t be for a little while.

Also, the scale of your font sizes are crazy. I understand why, but it’s not very pleasing to see:
Screenshot 2020-03-19 09.39.30

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