Custom software on AutoPI hardware

Hi to all,
I’m wondering if it is possible to run custom code on AutoPI hardware.
I need to log some CAN messages on a custom application without using the AutoPI cloud or the AutoPI-core, I just want to use the hardware because it is also provided with 4G/GPS etc…
Is it possible?

It’s just a regular raspberry pi, so - why not?

I not use the cloud.
I use only custom code and the result go directely to my server. In mysql data base.
I have my how web app and working well
So, I think you can

Ok thank you, Are you using the full hardware or the DIY edition? Because I don’t want to use the DIY, In guides & tutorial available on the site there is no mention to SD card access nor to custom software.

I use custom code in autopi LTE edition gen1
It is in Python script.
I add mysql connector plugin that all