Critical battery level not respected / no event emitted

Subject of the issue

I have the Critical Level voltage currently set to 12.50V.
The Safety Cut-Out voltage is set to 12.20V.
The current aux battery voltage has been 12.38V last night, and steadily dropped to <12.25V where it’s been for the past few hours.

Despite this, i haven’t seen a single vehicle/battery/critical_level logged, nor a single shutdown triggered by the voltage. What gives?

Expected behaviour

vehicle/battery/critical_level events should be emitted/logged, hibernation should be triggered

Actual behaviour

No vehicle/battery/critical_level events, no hibernate.

And just as i typed this and hit submit, a critical_level event was logged and autopi went into hibernation, LOL

October 30th 2019, 17:43:59
event.system.power.reason: battery_critical_level
event.system.power.interval: 0
event.system.power.delay: 10
event.system.power.uptime: 603

I’ve changed the critical level from 12.3 to 12.5 a few hours ago, while the dongle was offline. I’m guessing it just took a while to update after it went online.


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