Connecting to a Gen3 DIY from the home wifi

As stated in the other thread, I’m connected (via the hotspot) and can see the device is online. I’ve pinged successfully.

wlan0 is shown as connected to my home WLAN, but I cannot ping the device from a computer on the home LAN and cannot connect via a browser. Is this a restriction before the device is fully configured (I’ve not heard back from support, so assume the minion isn’t connected yet), or am I missing something?

It’s OK, I’ve sorted this, but only for ssh access.

Hi Mate, the Autopi usually runs in a different network range, 192 vs 10, we do for home-networks.

What I do when first setting up a (diy) device is starting it up, then connecting my laptop to the Autopi hotspot, in my case AutoPi-Initial with default passwd autopi2018. After this, I go to Autopi cloud local connection, and add my home wifi network router SSID and password there and move it to the top of the list.

After this, I simply connect my laptop back to my home router and access the Autopi via the Autopi cloud global connection.

For ssh though, I find I need to connect to the AutoPi-Initial hotspot again…either that, or, I guess you can run a serial connection to the Rpi too…

But I am sure by this time you have it all sorted anyway, information more for anyone else getting their devices…


I had no problem with ssh access from my home network. The problem was browser access.

I did get it to work by adding extra rules into iptables. Unfortunately, this fails a bit further on because the autopi UI has the address hard-coded into it in places.

Yeah, I saw your comments on those.

I will do my best in my free time to actually get AutoPI hardware working on Automotive Grade Linux, so I will share what I learn, if I get it going, as I know a few guys here want to roll their own Raspi config.

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