Connecting external GPS module


I read that it is possible to connect a external GPS module with a standard uFL connection to the Autopi. Would this module work: ? Used with a uFL to SMA adapter. If not, what kind of module would work? It needs to be waterproof. Also does the Autopi recognise and use the module out of the box, or do you need to adapt configuration for this?

Many thanks!

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Hi @dvdv,

I just had a look at the proposed antenna. It should work, but its not a model we’ve tested. You will need the u.Fl. to SMA adapter, but it seems to be included in the product.

If you do test it, then let us know the results.


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Cool! Thank you for the advice. I will test it and definitely keep you guys updated.

I’ve ordered and installed the antenna, and it works excellently, no issues acquiring GPS signal anymore. I used:
Adafruit GPS Antenna
Adafruit uFL to SMA adapter
I drilled a hole in the case above the USB ports, to the side of the standard GPS antenna and put the SMA adapter into the case, looks like it was meant to be there, and it works very well.

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