Connecting a screen & GPIOs

Anticipating on the fact that the answers to my questions in my other topic end up in a thumbs up for using Auto Pi in my project I am exploring the possibilities of physically integrating it.
I’d prefer to go with the 4G/LTE Edition and from the specs I’ve learned it has mini HDMI out and 16 GPIOs available. From the renderings it does not become apparent whether / how these are accessible.
Are there openings in the enclosure?
Do I need to remove the cover?

Looking at the “Connect heads up display” use case I can see the display being connected at the end where I expected the USB ports to be. Is that just for powering the screen? How about the video/audio signal?

Since I need to embed a screen in my dashboard and the car is under restoration I can create a custom implementation. I’m thinking of embedding the dongle into or on top of the dash pad with the screen more of less in front and the wiring going down into the dash through the dash pad.

Hi Lars

There is a pre cut template/cutout in the casing that you can remove to allow the mini-HDMI to be used.
You are correct, the device has two usb ports in the end, that rendering is not up to date.

It sounds like a good plan to integrate it as much as possible :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Malte, sounds feasible.
How about the GPIO’s? How can these be accessed?

No problem.

There’s a cutout for those as well.

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Did the cutout get removed from the design? Just got my 4G model and it has no such cutouts.

The cutout is only visible from the inside, and please notice that you do need to do a bit of work to remove the cutout. It is best done with a hot knife, and you will need to disassemble the device.