Connecting a display to a Gen3 DIY unit

My Gen3 DIY has just arrived. I got started with, git it connected to my home WIFi (no 3G modem installed yet) and online. I’m now waiting for support to respond to my registration.

While I’m waiting, I thought I’d ask about connecting a touch display. The previous versions seem to have been fitted with through-pin headers so that either another HAT could be fitted, or at least the display’s 5V was available. The Gen3 device does not have through-pin headers, so there’s nowhere to connect the display’s power leads to.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Incidentally, I notice that the board says it’s rev 1.0. I assume this is a Gen3 board? It looks like it from the pictures I’ve seen on the website.

At the risk of invalidating the warranty, I soldered directly to the GPIO pins to get 5V for the touch screen. Seems to have worked.