Compatibility with Toyota C-HR Hybrid (2017)

I have this hybrid model of Toyota C-HR (2017) with OBDII, its autopi compatible with this car? The vehicle is in garage and its use is limited to 3 or 4 days/week, 30 km/day. Autopie can drain the battery when its parked over a few days without use every week?

Hi Daniel

The device will never drain the battery completely, but as it wakes once every hour for 10 minutes, it will use some power.
This is not really an issue especially for people when driving every day as this charges the battery, and i don’t think it will be one in your car either.
We are working on making it configurable how often the device will wake up. Right now it’s set at once every hour, but it could be changed to once every 6 hours or something which would drastically decrease the power usage.

Your vehicle should support the OBDII standard, so it should be compatible.
One note, we have earlier seen some minor issues with the trip generation in hybrids, which means that trips are sometimes cut in half. But the handling has been improved in the last few updates, and will be improved further in the next updates as well.

I hope this answers your questions, if not, please let me know :slight_smile:

Best regards

No problem whatsoever, I have a lot more draining my battery and it lasts 3 weeks until it has to shut down. Toyota hybrids do have smaller 12v batteries since the engine is started from the hybrid battery but it it sufficient enough for AutoPi.