Communicating with added equipment via CAN bus

I have a 2007 Dodge Nitro SUV, R/T trim with 4x4 driveline, and I replaced the seats and control switches in it with upgraded heated leather seats from another 2007 Dodge Nitro R/T 4x4, but I cannot get the heated seats to work, apparently because one of the ECU’s is not programmed with the correct code telling the CAN bus system that the heated leather seats are present. How can I determine which ECU needs to be reprogrammed, and how do I find the code to reprogram it with, since the VIN for my Nitro does not include the heated seats? I asked my Dodge dealership if they could do it for me, and got a blank stare back from the service manager, and a response that all they could do would be to use the VIN to restore or upgrade the original programming for the stock equipment that came with my Nitro.

The lack of intelligence and willingness to try to help solve my problem was overwhelming, so I gave up on that dealership, and hoped that another dealership service manager could help me, but then found out that the Dodge dealership nearest to the city I have moved to in Northern Calif., has closed it’s service department, and I would have to drive over an hour away to find any other Dodge dealership, with no guarantee that they would be able to help me either. So, I’m hoping that I can somehow figure out how to change the programming in my Nitro myself, and get the electric heated seats to work before next Winter.

Again, these are seats and the control switches that were removed from another 2007 Dodge Nitro with the same trim level as my current Nitro, and all of the necessary wiring harness connections were present in both vehicles, so it was as simple as unplugging the components from the donor Nitro, and plugging everything back together in my current Nitro. I thought it would work, until I found out that nothing works in a CAN bus system, if the ECU’s are not programmed with the correct codes, to let them know that the equipment, or components are present in the vehicle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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