CM4 connectors and GPIO

The CM4 documentation doesn’t tell you what the connectors on the side are.

One is a SIM card slot. One is Mini-HDMI. Not sure what the other is.

The specs mention GPIO: UART/I2C/SPI
Is it for that? What type of connector is it?

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for pointing that out, we’ll have it updated ASAP.

You’re right, the two connectors on the side are a SIM card slot, a Mini-HDMI slot, and the last one is for a Micro-USB.

Hope this answers your question.

Best regards,
Tohnny Van do

What about the “UART/I2C/SPI”?
Is that via USB?

Hi Stuart,

UART/I2C/SPI is not via the USB, it’s the GPIO-pins that is on the header, and is essentially used for HATs.

Best regards,
Tohnny Van Do, AutoPi

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