Check the cloud connection?

Subject of the issue

I’ve moved the AutoPi dongle onto a Raspberry Pi 3 and the cloud dashboard shows the dongle as online, but no trip information is displayed. How can I check that the trip and car data is being sent to the cloud? Is there a log file on the Pi that can be monitored?.

Hi Carl,

We have some terminal commands that can be executed (on and to view the main log file:


These functions can also take various parameters. To see the documentation run:

If logged onto the system using SSH you can view the log file by running:

less /var/log/salt/minion

I hope this helps to provide insight into what happens.


Good morning, I’m also facing the same problem, I’m getting moniotrar other information from the car, however, the location does not appear anything, I did the above commands, but I did not succeed!

Hi Rafael

You are also using a raspberry pi 3, instead of the zero, correct?

If no, have you tried running the above log commands, to see what the issue might be?

If yes.
When you change your raspberry, the id of the unit changes, so before it will be able to connect, it will need to be approved, so if you are using a rpi3 and you have not yet contacted, you should do so now :slight_smile:

Best regards

Thanks Henrik, in my case the lack of cloud data transfer was caused by the SIM being out of data, so although it was Internet connected it was refusing to transmit data…

I added some data and within minutes the cloud was updated.

Thanks for the log info though, it might prove very useful in the future.