Charge status and location on personal website

Hi all,

I wanted to get a quick possibility to see the charge status of my Hyundai Kona 2019. Now i have a weblink on my mobile phone showing this:
I can see the status on my personal (hidden) website, without any password and stuff. Very simple view, optimized for mobile phone.
It is updated every half hour by dongle. A personal website with php-support is required for this!

code can be found here:


Great work!!! I’m going to do the same for my website too.


I managed to retrieve current location & several other metrics directly from AutoPi Cloud API. No Custom Code is needed.

Here’s a screenshot of my home automation app, car integration is a part of it.
I have them refreshed every 2 minutes.

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can you post the code please and tell us more about the camera.

I’m just following the guide from here
This guide is a little outdated. Here are my steps:

• Obtain a token & device ID:
• Obtain last location:
• Obtain various readings:

My camera is 70mai Pro, with a hacked firmware to enable SSH, HTTP and RTSP.
I’m using ffmpeg & NodeRED inside my AutoPi to retrieve the latest image from there.
I have to install a 2nd USB Wifi adapter on my AutoPi to connect to the Camera’s Wifi.


thank you. I also played with the autopi-api a little bit. can you please provide the code (or parts of the code) of your “home automation app”.


I can’t really share any source code. Most of it are proprietary to my own home automation system, won’t work for anyone else.

Here’s a small part of it calling the AutoPi APIs as I have mentioned in previous post.

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