Change frequency of engine load data, it looks like 30 seconds sample rate

I’m able get the engine load data via the API. e.g.

“max_ts”: 1540685069265,
“ts”: “2018-10-28T00:04:29.000Z”,
“value”: 29.019607543945312
“max_ts”: 1540685099846,
“ts”: “2018-10-28T00:04:59.000Z”,
“value”: 45.09803771972656
“max_ts”: 1540685130452,
“ts”: “2018-10-28T00:05:30.000Z”,
“value”: 12.941176414489746

How do I get the data at a faster rate?

Hi @rsk,

You are right. The device currently logs data like engine load with a frequency of 30 secs sample rates. This is configured internally in the device and you can change it directly on the device.

We are, however, working on making this possible directly from the cloud also. We hope this will be available already from the next release.

Until then, you need to do it locally on the device, by altering the '/etc/salt/minion' file.