Car types supported

Dear AutoPI Community!

I’m really impressed by the project and the description of the product!
Started to think about how I could use AutoPi to collect data about my car and the ways how I can control some of its features.

I’ve been eyeing a product called Automatic for quite some time however it really seem that they are not supporting Renault cars because of something.
I’ve been looking through your page but I was not able to find a database of supported car makes and models.
Would a 2011 Renault Laguna be supported?
Is there any way to try this / find this out before making the purchase?


@Peter: if you have some time could you answer my question?

Hi @Botond_Barabas

Thank you for your message and sorry for the late reply. Somehow your message fell out of the categories in our forum and I missed it.

But to answer your question. We haven’t tested the AutoPi on your specific vehicle make, mode and year. But the AutoPi should support all vehicles with the OBD2 protocol implemented. As far as I can see there should not be anything “special” about the Renault Laguna 2011 and it should run a standard CAN 11/500 protocol. And this is supported with the AutoPi.

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to verify all vehicle makes down to each model and year (it adds up to quite a few vehicles). But all vehicles is by law forced to implement the OBD2 protocol and therefor it should be supported.

Let me know if there is anything else I can assist you with.

Best regards,