Cannot retrieve CANbus data on EV motorcycle

Subject of the issue

Even after ten months, I cannot read any data from the CANbus on my Zero SR (an electric motorbike).

Your environment

  • What version is the dongle?
    Do you mean this: 2021.09.22?
    Where is the “software state page”?

Steps to reproduce

Sit in front of a browser using and try to communicate with a Zero SR motorcycle.

Expected behaviour

I would expect the Zero SR to respond to CANbus queries.

Actual behaviour

What I have achieved:

  1. I have managed to auto-detect the CANbus (it’s no. 6)
  2. I have installed and configured an MQTT server on the AutoPi
  3. er, nothing.

Output of power.status command

users: 1
seconds: 2807
since_t: 1644250505
days: 0
since_iso: ‘2022-02-07T16:15:05.301854’
time: ‘0:46’
state: charging
voltage: 13.9
level: 100
sleep: NONE
wake: NONE
vl_wake: ’ >13.20V FOR 3 s’
vchg_wake: ’ +0.50V IN 1000 ms’
uart_sleep: ’ 900 s’
vl_sleep: ’ <12.20V FOR 240 s’
ext_sleep: ’ LOW FOR 3000 ms’
ext_wake: ’ HIGH FOR 500 ms’
down: sleeping
up: ‘on’
sleep_interval: 0
version: ‘2.2’
current_state: ‘on’
down: rpi
up: stn


I want to take selected values from the CANbus and publish them on the MQTT server. I am particularly interested in the battery charge state so I can initiate a recharge if necessary and stop it when it reaches a certain value (60%, 80%, 100%, depending on circumstances).

I need to be able to do this when the bike is parked, i.e. not switched on (no ignition).

I have found details of how the CANbus is used on the Zero at this URL: Zero Motorcycles CANBUS information, and I’ve tried to use the PIDs listed there with AutoPi. But I get no usable data back, whether the bike is switched on or not (ignition key).

My understanding is that I need to create PIDs and use them to create logs using returners. I am only interested in logging to MQTT.

I also thought that autodetecting the CANbus was supposed to set up PIDs automatically, but this is not the case for me: I have none at all.

I am completely stuck. I think the documentation has improved a lot in the last 10 months, so I now understand AutoPi better. But I would be grateful if someone could give me a push in the right direction.

Stephen Winnall

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