CANbus Datalogging - High Speed?

I’m looking for a nice/interesting/fun solution to problem the aftermarket tuning folks often run across.

Does anyone have any experience with the AutoPi and accessing specific OBD information? Can it query for manufacture specific information?

If these are things that are possible, is there a 3rd party API path to be able to interact with the CANbus? if not that, a way to contribute?

Hi Lafrad

The device has full access to the CAN bus, and we have a database with OBDII PID’s, and in time that will also include manufacturer specific PID’s, but you are perfectly able to run whatever command you want on it, it doesnt’ have to be a known PID for you to send the command.

Yes, there will be an API available, and you will also be able to communicate directly with the CAN bus, without using our API, so contributing will be very possible, and we hope people will, both manufacturer specific PID’s etc and also the modules that run on the device.