Can Sniffer problems

Good afternoon. I recently bought a Wifi Dongle to be able to sniff the Can Bus and get the codes from the car dialer. The idea is to know what code activates the turn signals, the handbrake light on the marker, long / short lights … To then use a program called RealDash and thus implement a digital marker. The RealDash uses the manufacturer’s codes to present the information (for example, the RPM is 010c).
This is where my problem comes, under a Windows environment, with the equipment connected, I cannot sniff any dog. I have tried with all those who appear in the list and in all it tells me that there is no information. The vehicle is a 2014 Mercedes Benz. It gives me the revs, the battery, the gps … but when it comes to doing a sniffer it fails and I am not able to detect anything. I have tried to follow the video of the Ford Focus, to do the same and I am not able to recover any data, as well as to erase the records that have been created.
I hope you can help me. Thank you.

Im need help. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @EldelKinto

On some make and models, continious flow of the CAN data needs to be enabled.

Have you checked if this is the case for your car? You may need to do a google search to find the answer.


Yes, the state has been looking but I can’t find anything about it. You have seen people who have done with other programs and devices, so I understand that it is not necessary. Can you provide me with a keyword to search for it online?
I am determined to do the project. Thank you

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