[Bug] Dashboard for a given trip sets incorrect start time

Subject of the issue

Incorrect starting time of a trip on the dashboard and incorrect “default” times of the datetime range selector

Your environment

Dongle is on release 2021.06.03 but I don’t think that’s the issue as date is properly formatted on the trips page.

Steps to reproduce

From the page Trips, on the right hand side of the page on the Trips “cards”.
Press the “Dashboard” button on the “View in Events / Dashboard” part of the card.
On the AutoPi.io Cloud page inspect the Date range.

Expected behaviour

Page should be displaying the selected trips start & end dates, furthermore the Input for the “datetime range” box should display the currently selected date range.
Datetime range should be set to use the “Custom Range” preset.

Actual behaviour

When opening a trip dashboard it opens with an incorrect starting time (Today 00.00) and the expected end time. (f.x. 16.45)
Datetime range picker is set to “Today” instead of “Custom Range” by default

Furthermore when opening the Datetime range picker it defaults to
Start: 00.00.
End: current time of day.

Images of the issue (GUID blurred, I can send it via. mail)

I just noticed there is already an existing post with this issue.

Thank you for reporting this bug.
The issue has been fixed and it will be deployed with the next update.

Sorry about the inconvenience,

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