Bring your own Raspbian?



Hello all,

Sorry if It’s a dumb question - but I’m just new here :wink:

I just received and soldered my flashy-new autopi, DYI edition, following the nice guide here:

I understand that in order to start, I’m supposed to flash on the SD Card the autopi-core image…

Wandering: is there any way I can instead just install the autopi software on a pre-existing raspbian stretch lite version ?



Hi Riccardo

Welcome in the club :smiley:

In theory yes, but we don’t have any instructions for starting over with a clean raspbian.
At some point I expect that we will have a guide that lets you install it on most distributions, but we are not quite there yet - to achieve this, for one, we will need to create an installable package with all the low level power management services, so I don’t think it’s something that we will work on in the near future.

We of course welcome all contributions, so if you do decide to investigate the provided image, we’d love to hear about it. (Most of the logic is located in /var/cache/salt/)

Best regards


Thanks for the pointer: I am not familiar with the salt stack tool-chain, so I think I’ll pass for the moment being ;-).

I’ll start using the pre-cooked image to familiarize with the dongle features.

PS. I’ll keep monitoring this thread in case somebody from the community is interested in joining forces to make some deb packages to freshly install on a new raspbian.